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Hair treatments services in Gurugram

The Salon Of Choice For All Your Treatment Needs.

Whenever you need the best salons for hair treatments, the first name that should pop in your mind (if it doesn’t already) is Sonia Salons, and there’s good reason for this. When you want premium services with the best products and that too without burning a massive hole in your pocket you need Sonia Salons.
We also offer the widest range of treatments anywhere and this is what makes us the industry leader in the field, we believe in maintaining the quality of service. Even as we explore other services, we strive to maintain the quality of the ones that we have already standardised.

Some of the services that we have standardised at Sonia Salons are:
1. Anti – Dandruff Hair Spa Treatment
2. Treatment for Dry and Damaged Scalp
3. Hair Fall and Hair Breakage Treatment
4. Keratin Brazilian Blow Out Hair Treatment
5. Hair Straightening and Hair Re-bonding
6. Hair Smoothening Treatment
7. Skin Lightening Facial Treatment – Babor Germany


Why We Are Right For You?

Personalized Solutions For You.

1. Prompt, courteous service-The services that you get at Sonia Salons are never anything but that.
2. Professional Demeanour- You are in the best hands possible.
3. Awe-inspiring results- prepare to have your mind blown